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Our commitment is to helping art collectors and enthusiasts of all levels seamlessly navigate the art world, explore new avenues for accessing art, and develop innovative collections with long-term value. We specialize in identifying emerging and under-recognized artists, but maintain trusted relationships with established artists, curators, collectors, educators, and dealers around the world.

Private Studio Tours

Hundreds of extraordinary artists are unrepresented and work in their studios and homes. We organize special gatherings to these unknown locations to meet the artists and view their work.


Gallery Visits

Weekly papers, gallery guides and the internet list an overwhelming number of galleries and monthly exhibitions. We will provide insight into those that are most highly-regarded – powerhouses, off-the-beaten path and Up-and-coming – and their respective areas of focus, arranges private tours, introductions to gallerists, and the artists.


Museum Visits

Curators offer incredibly significant perspectives on an artist’s work, but have a limited amount of time to meet with the general public. We arrange private walkthroughs with curators to review important exhibitions and these private guided tours provide more insight, and make your art experience more manageable and memorable.


Artist Dinners

The most amazing dialogues about art and life take place not at a gallery or museum, but impromptu get-togethers. We seek to replicate those experiences by hosting informal dinners; we invite a guest chef, a selection of artists, arts professionals, and others to get together, eat, drink, talk about life, look at art, and see what happens.


Art Fairs

Each year a handful of important art fairs host thousands of art vendors from around the world. We help navigate these huge halls of artwork as well as the tangential exhibitions and events that sprout up around them.




Joshua Tree, CA


Hidden among the rocks, roads and vistas of Joshua Tree live hundreds of amazing artists. Choose a cultural art adventure off the beaten path and discover an unknown artist. We will create a private art tour that is tailor-made to your personal interests.

Private Collections

In every city there are a number of well-recognized collectors with outstanding collections. We present opportunities to meet those collectors, view their collections, and talk about the process of collecting.



Major auction houses present auctions each year. We provide guidance to on collections for sale, registration, bidding process, and best-case approaches.


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