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Our goal is to bridge the gap between artists and art enthusiasts in new ways. With an entrepreneurial spirit that parallels the edge of the artists we support, we are committed to making art more accessible, building art collections, providing artist guidance, and advising non-profits.



Joshua Tree, CA


Hidden among the rocks, roads and vistas of Joshua Tree live hundreds of amazing artists. Choose a cultural art adventure off the beaten path and discover an unknown artist. We will create a private art tour that is tailor-made to your personal interests.


Shawn Hall, New Orleans


Hall is an established artist seeking broader representation and professional acknowledgment. We are working with her to strategize about exhibition and collection placement, distribute catalogues, write grants, press releases, and assess contracts.


29 Palms Art Gallery


The 29 Palms Art Gallery is the longest-standing non-profit art organization in the Morongo Basin. Its 50+ year old permanent gallery space is an incredible cultural and educational resource and we are working with the board to develop its strategic plan.

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